As a Licensed “Covered California” Insurance agency trusted by our clients, we know that finding the most reliable and affordable insurance agency for you and/or your business and employees, isn’t easy. Which is precisely why we are on your side. We are fighting, and will fight to get you the best and most complete benefit package your budget can afford, because we think you deserve it!

It is nearly impossible to live without health insurance these days, not to mention all the new laws. Who can keep track of it all? With the rising costs of healthcare, the heavily debated, government backed initiatives, all the legalities that exist and the new ones being enacted, many people are finding it difficult to find affordable health insurance. And forgoing it, and sacrificing quality care…that is no longer an option, thanks to the government.

Well, at AJ Business Center, we are HERE for you! It doesn’t matter where, in the State of California, you are located. It doesn’t matter if you are self-employed, looking for personal insurance, or if you are an employer. We are here to help you find exactly what you need, and deserve.

Our policies are fully customizable, and easily tailored to meet your individual needs. You can get covered for :

  • Doctor’s visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Testing
  • Specialized Care
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Secondary backup coverage

Because we are an independent insurance agent/broker, we MUST act in your best interest, not that of the insurance industry. Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) we have a mission and duty to find an insurance plan that has premiums, and benefits, as well as the cost, that meets your unique needs. If you have questions about the Affordable Care Act, or are currently WITHOUT insurance, you NEED to call! Don’t get fined on your taxes. Do you have questions about Medicare? We can answer those too. Don’t remain unprotected; A quote does NOT COST ANYTHING.