What? You don’t have tags?? Well, let’s get them for you!

AJ Business Center might not be much help with the IRS, though we certainly can save you a lot of time at the Department of Motor Vehicles! Every time you have to do something that has to do with the DMV, how many times do you think “I wonder how many hours I will have to wait, even ‘with’ an appointment?” or “What reading material should I take with me so I’ll have something to do while I sit and wait for my number to come up on that stupid screen?”

Well, there actually is a better way. You can pay a small fee, and we will take care of it for you! Our office can handle vehicle registration, title transfers and tags/license plate renewal, VIN verification, and much more. No standing in line. No waiting for your number to be called. And your day is all your own! (and who cares if your boss thinks you are at the DMV all day long?)

So give us a call, and let us give you back your day.

Image of our business on CA DMV Partners page